Traditional Whiteboards are Now Obsolete: Build Your Own Anywhere

ReMarkable whiteboardOne of the hottest crafty projects in schools, businesses, and even homes right now is the do-it-yourself whiteboard space. Many people are now breaking away from the obsolete traditional whiteboard, which is limited in space, bordered, and simply unattractive.

Now whiteboards can be borderless, and can take up the entire surface of a wall, or all the walls in a room, a table or desk, a piece of furniture, just about anything you can imagine.

The only supplies you’ll need are basic painting supplies and a do it yourself whiteboard paint kit. ReMARKable whiteboard kits are fantastic, easy to use, and it’s hand down the best and most affordable quality dry erase paint product on the market.

Why spend hundreds of dollars for a large bordered traditional, ugly whiteboard, when you could save money and paint your entire wall! It will be beautiful and highly purposeful upon completion, and everyone in your classroom, office or home will love to use it!


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